LeRoy Historical Society

LEROY HISTORICAL SOCIETY 23 East Main Street Le Roy, New York 14482 (continued frompage 5) Year-end Giving A very special thank you to all the folks who made year-end contribu- tions. It certainly makes a big difference, and helps close the gap on several of our projects. This year we raised more than $4000. Some money will help maintain our gardens this year. Other designated funds will be transferred to our special Education Fund. Donations to the general fund will help with day to day operations – which includes buying salt for the sidewalk, paying the electric bill, and making sure our insurance bill is paid. A complete accounting of the 2016 year will be presented at the an- nual meeting om May 7th. Photo from the LeRoy 1940 Book. Back row: O.T.Munt; H. Hutton; R.J. Lapp; F.J. Zimmerman; J.W. Davis; F.M. Rider; W.M. Houston; O.L.Castle Front row: W.A.Maloy; T.F.Moran; O.J.Munt; J.F. Gleason-Postmaster; F.E. Kelly; Asst. Postmaster; D.J. Crocker; R.J. Houston; L.B.Mooney