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From theDeskof theDirector
TheHistoricalSociety isbackonour
regular schedule Monday through
Saturday 10 to 4 and Sunday 1 to 4.
Withwarmerweather,visitorswill be
enjoying the Jell-O exhibit and the
Transportationexhibit,and soonour
folks toLeRoyHouse.
Shelia Furr has agreed to coordi-
nate the volunteer schedule again
thisyear. If youhave some time,give
us acall,andSheliawill contact you.
All our docents receive some on-
the-job training and you will meet
some very interesting people from
all around theworld .
The shutters for the front of Le-
Roy House have been repaired and
paintedandwill soonbeput back in
place. However, the shutters on the
westandeastsideof theHouseneed
a lot of additional work and that
project will be postponed until the
back porch is painted and we have
a chance to lookat ourmaintenance
budget. Stafford Painters will begin
work on the back porch as soon as
There is one other project that
needs to be taken care of this year.
High up on the east andwest sides
of LeRoy House, the metal flashing
has rusted through andneeds tobe
replaced.Wearestill looking forcon-
tractors thatmightbeable todo the
work. Thiswinter,another sectionof
our antiquated steam pipes, sprung
a leak. It wasn’t serious enough to
require immediateattention,but this
summer thepipewill be replaced.
The beautiful wooden wain-
scoting in the hallway from the
basement to the main floor of the
Academic Building has received
a new coat of varnish and looks
muchbetter.Also, this springanew
sign will welcome visitors to the
Jell-O Gallery. The brown and blue
“Pathway Through History” signs
just aren’t visibleenough.
collectionof stereopticoncards from
LeRoy. Included in the collection
are a couple fromMachpelah Cem-
etery,oneof theold ironMainStreet
bridge,aviewof theuppergalleryof
the Staunton Art Conservatory, and
a very early view of LeRoy House -
-possibly from 1867 – just a couple
of years after the LeRoy Academic
Institute Building was built in 1864.
In addition we have received some
veryniceBoyScout items.
Roger Horowitz contacted me
about a year ago, asking about Jell-O
and the recipe book in Yiddish. We
wereable to scan thebookand send
it to him for his book:“Kosher USA -
Tales of Modern Food”publishedby
Roger devotes chapter 3 to “The
Jell-O Controversy”which of course
discusses in detail the issue of
whether the gelatin in Jell-O can be
consideredKosher. He also includes
the storyof CocaCola. Inorder for a
food tobedeclaredKosher, it is nec-
essary to know the ingredients and
where the ingredients come from.
In the caseof CocaCola, the ingredi-
ents and the formula are a carefully
guarded secret. For Jell-O it is the
question about the process used to
derivecollagen fromporkhides. The
discussion continues to yogurt and
A quantity of blue
woven LeRoy afghans
arenowavailable in the
Museum Shop. These
popular gifts are of-
fered at the same price
of $45. Use yourmem-
LeRoyHouseandAcademic Institute.
LeRoyAcademic Institute.
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