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cause of this, we are
robbing our boys
and girls of the pow-
er to thinkandact for
For that reason, the
Scouting programs
were essential and it
was suggested that
troops be sponsored
by the local churches.
At the meeting, the
Boy Scout oath was
given and then the
orchestra of Troop 1
of the LeRoy Scouts
gave “good music.”
Scouts from theSchool For theBlind
in Batavia gave a first-aid demon-
stration.The LeRoy Boy Scoutswere
guided by Schuyler C. Wells, D.C.
Prentice, Dr. George Davis, Calvin
TheoldLeRoyTroopswere rechar-
tered by the local Council. Troop 21
was affiliated with the Presbyterian
Church and was chartered in April
1924. The first Scoutmaster was
Daniel Carroll. JohnMcMahon and
Walter Butts were assistant Scout
Masters. In 1964,members of Scout
Troop 21 went to the New York
World’s Fair and the World Scout
Jamboree inValleyForge,Pa.
Troop 22 was chartered May 9,
1924 under the direction of Scout-
master Wintrop Follansbee. Assis-
tant Scoutmasters were Ells-
It was affiliated with the LeRoy
Recreation Department. Troop
22 was rechartered in 1928 by
agroupof citizensunder Scout-
masterWarren Seyfert.Troop22
moved to St. Peter’s Church un-
der troop leader Francis Brown.
A photograph of Troop 22 is
included in 1940 Book. In 1947,
Troop 22 was sponsored by
the Knights of Columbus with
Scoutmaster Vincent McKernan.
It moved once again back to
St. Peter’s Church in 1961 with
Troop23waschartered inMay
1928, led by Scoutmaster, Mau-
riceBallard. Itwas sponsoredby
the Methodist Church. Troop
23 is pictured in the 1940 Book.
Austin Smith was a Scoutmas-
ter and Foster Butris and Rockwell
Comfort were Assistant Scout Mas-
Troop 24 was sponsored by St Jo-
seph’s Church and was chartered
May 5, 1941 and was led by Scout-
master Francis Zalacca. Mr. Arm-
strongwas a Scout Master and Fred
Sturm and Harold Bryant were also
involvedwith the troop.
Troop222waschartered inDecem-
ber 31, 1969 at St Anthony’s Church
in Limerock. Leo Maxwell was the
first Scoutmaster.
The Historical Society is including
the story of the LeRoy Boy Scout
troops in the summer exhibit
“Strengthen the Arm of Liberty” in
conjunctionwith the storyof LeRoy’s
Statue of Liberty. Dave Parton is
loaning numerous items for the
Douglas Sturm’s Boy Scout Uniform –
DouglasSturmwasborn in1929,andafter
movingwithhis familyduring theDepres-
sion, the family settled inLeRoyat34East
Main Street. He was a member of Troop
23whichmet at theMethodistChurch.He
was valedictorian of the graduating class
of 1947 and he attended the Crane Hall
ofMusic at Pottsdam for one year, before
transferring to Hiram College in Ohio.
After graduation in 1950 with a degree
in religion and philosophy, he attended
the University of ChicagoDivinity School
wherehereceivedaD.B.in1953andaPh.D in
1959. He servedasExecutiveSecretaryof
formed to counter thenegative impact of
Joseph McCarthy’s anti-Communist cru-
sadeon social action agencies. He joined
the faculty of Bucknell University where
he taught Religion and Political Science.
He continued to teach until 2000. Sturm
authored several books, including “Soli-
darity and Suffering: Toward a Politics of
Relationality.” He was a founder of the
Alliance for Respect and Equality (CARE).
Douglas Sturm died April 27, 2014. Last
year, his son Rolf sent a box of materials
to theHistorical Society, including a copy
of one of his books, some of the music
awards he received inhigh school, aswell
ashisscoutuniformandscoutawards. The
God and Country medal is shown above
his leftpocket,above theEagleaward.
Newspaper clipping from the
January 3,
1948. Eagle Scout Douglas Sturm of Troop 23 received the
“GodandCountryAward”at theMethodistChurch in1948.
BoyScouts andGirl Scouts at thededica-
tionof theTriangleTractmarkeronOcto-
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