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23EastMainStreet •POBox176 • LeRoy,NewYork14482
Strengthen theArm
of LibertyUpdate
The work on the Statue of Liberty
at MacKay Lodge Conservation Lab-
oratory inOberlin,Ohio removed the
topof the head andpushedout the
dents in the side of the face and se-
cured thesevenbladeson thecrown.
Healso repaired thebaseandaffixed
bronze corner plates on the bot-
tom. After the repairs, it was pretty
obvious that the seams and discol-
orationswere amajor distraction, so
Thomas suggested an applicationof
transparent color that wouldmatch
thedarkest patinagreen. It certainly
the statue.
The cost of
the resto-
ration was
The statue
isnowat Le-
Roy House
in the Land
Office. The
next step is
to sign a contract for casting a new
cast inplacewith the11point star at
ground level,whichservesasa retain-
ingwall on the east side toward the
street.Theexistingplinthwill have to
be removed. The overgrown bushes
havebeen removed.Alleffortsarebe-
ingmade topreserve the star.
In addition, we have met with
JohnMorrelli of Bubba’s Landscap-
ing todesignandbuilda low retain-
ingwall towardWolcottStreet to re-
veal thestarandcreateabufferarea
tomake it easier tomaintain.Pully’s
Farm Market will donate annuals
toplant around thebase. Plans are
well underway to rededicate the
statue on Saturday, July 16 during
Joinus for our annualmeeting. Let’s
to LeRoy. She will be sharing stories
fromher secondbook about theBarn
QuiltTrails, including thebarnquilts in
LeRoyand inparticular,“LadyLake”on
OatkaTrail atMcPhersonOrchards.
This follow-up brings readers
along with Parron, her husband,
Glen, their dog Gracie, and their
converted van “Ruby” as they leave
the stationary life behind. With
no permanent home, they follow
the barn quilt trail full time as Suzi
collects the stories behind these
paintedquilt squares that, since the
movement began in Ohio in 2001,
have appeared on barns in forty-
eight states and in two provinces.
This engaging blend of memoir,
folk-art journalism, and travelogue
is illustratedwith 134 brilliant color
photographs and features chapters
devoted to over twenty states and
to thank the LeRoy Little League for
rescheduling their usual games on
Wednesday toprovide parking for ev-
eryone inourparking lot.
At the annual meeting, the nomi-
nating committee will present the
following slate for election to the
Sue Privitera and Michele Pena-
pento are nominated for a second
3-year term
Sam Zalacca is nominated for a
first 3-year term
Retiring from the Board after two
consecutive 3-year terms Joanne
GrahamandCheryll Fernaays
The officers of the Board will be
elected at the first meeting of the
Boardafter theAnnualMeeting.
Wed.,May11th, 7pm
TrigonPark,11amuntil soldout
cold slaw, roll,cookies–$10
¼chickenand ribs,saltpotatoes,
cold slaw, roll,cookies–$12
BBQ ribs,saltpotatoes,
cold slaw, roll,
cookies - $15
Help support
Before restoration.
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