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For over twenty years, the LeRoy
House has had to “put up”with the
deterioratingconditionof theoldTil-
louhouse,at27EastMainStreet. This
once grand Victorian home, served
this community for many years as a
well-managed boarding house. In
fact, it seems that OratorWoodward
and his young family, lived in the
house for a short time, before his
success as owner of the Woodward
Medicine Company and the Gen-
esee Pure Food Company. Mrs. Til-
louoffered abeautiful homeon East
Main Street with rooms for teachers
and other professional people. But
the house passed through several
hands. Five apartments were carved
into the house, including an apart-
ment on the third floor,which today
wouldnotbeallowed,but ithasbeen
“grandfathered”by the system.
Thousandsof visitors come tovisit
the Jell-O Gallery and LeRoy House.
They are “greeted”with this deplor-
able sight - -which certainly reflects
the perception that our community
doesn’t care or perhaps more cor-
rectly isn’table tocorrect this typeof
blight. Two years ago,wewelcomed
all thegreat folks from theMini Coo-
per cross country event. I decided
to parkmy truck in the driveway as
a visual barrier that would prevent
the terrible conditions of the house
next door from appearing inphotos
of theevent.
This last year, we have made nu-
merous phone calls to the Village
office complaining of piles of gar-
bage at the curb. It should not be
necessary to call the Village. Several
times, people have been evicted
from theirapartment,andhavepiled
furniture and clothes at the
curb, that remained there for
days – even weeks. At times
the garbage is moved to the
porch. Several times, garbage
completely filled the back
deck, blocking the exit in case
ofafire. Thegarbagewas then
thrownunder the deck - - just
making it more accessible to
the squirrelsand rats
Windows are missing, and
have been boarded up. The
front corner of the foundation ap-
pears to be crumbling. This past
summer, the fire department was
calledseveral times,because tenants
were using a charcoal grill on the
Many years ago, we placed large
railroad ties along the driveway to
prevent the neighbors from using
our driveway as an exit from their
parkingareabehind thehouse.Those
ties “disappeared” this past summer,
which allowed the tenants to once
again use our driveway as a drive
through. And although it is illegal to
parkon the lawn in frontof thehouse,
that has not deterred tenants from
“enlarging” the parking area in front
of thehouse,anddrivingacross their
yard toexit throughourdriveway.
The Village DPW has been
sympathetic to our plight and has
interceded toget garbage removed
– especially after one windy week-
end when the garbage was blown
down the street.We placed several
reflectors along the driveway to in-
dicate to that the tenants that our
driveway was not to be used. The
tenants drove over the reflectors.
The DPW has placed six large rail-
road tiesalongourdriveway todeter
the trafficoverourproperty.
A coupleof years ago, Iwas teach-
ing a class in the basement of the
LeRoyHouse,whenwewere alerted
thatwemight have to keep the stu-
dents for a couple of hours because
therewas apolice raidon thehouse
next door. When I went upstairs,
there were many unmarked police
vehicles. I later learned that thepo-
licebelieved therewasameth lab in
operation. Luckily, the safety of the
studentswasnever jeopardized,and
they were able to return to school.
ALetter ToOurMembers
And the police could find no evi-
dence of ameth lab, but it certainly
brought to our attention that we
have to have a plan in place to deal
with situations like that in the future.
Weevengathered300 signatures on
a petition asking the Code Enforce-
ment Officer to inspect the house,
Unfortunately, we learned that the
CodeOfficer was not empowered to
inspect the property, so the petition
wasnever submitted.
Another concern, is the possibility
of fire, and the closeproximity of the
giveus someassurance if therecould
be a fire inspection, but that appar-
entlycannotbe institutedbyus.
Last year, therewas some hope that
the Historical Society would be able
to acquire the property next door,
but foreclosure proceedings did not
proceed. If that optionwas ever pre-
sented, it would be our hope to cre-
ate some open space around LeRoy
House, as it appeared in the early
19th century. But for the time being,
wewant ourmembers to know that
we are not ignoring the situation
nextdoor,butat thispointwearenot
able to do anything except call the
Village Hall when the garbage piles
up and tell our visitors that we are
sorry for what they see as they drive
intoourparking lot.
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