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In May, the first grade students
visited LeRoy House andmet Jacob
LeRoy’s gardener (aka Sam Leadley).
After exploring the herb garden,
and doing some weeding, the stu-
dents plantedmarigolds in the rose
garden. This summer the marigolds
have thrived and are putting on
quitea show.
The Ingham roses have also been
in fullbloom,andfinally themorning
Sale– Jell-OShirts
For October, the Jell-O box T-Shirts
will be on sale – 2 for $20. (Member-
shipdiscountsdonot apply.)
glories are climbing into the smoke
bush and are a beautiful blanket of
blue. The scarlet runner beans are
being dried and the huge pink and
black seedsarebeingcollected tobe
plantednext year.
Wewant to thankLeeDeFazioand
LindaKeister forkeeping thegardens
looking great. And a special thank
you to June Dusen for joining the
green thumbers this fall.
Marigolds in theGarden
Wehavehadvisitors foreverystate
in the United States - - except Ar-
kansas. If you know of anyone from
Arkansas, tell them to stop
by. There are always
special gifts and a
certificate for our
visitor from the re-
maining state.
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