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23EastMainStreet •POBox176 • LeRoy,NewYork14482
metat thehomeof theHistorical So-
ciety’s first president, Roy McPher-
son,onOatkaTrail. Thehouse isnow
the home of his great granddaugh-
ter, Marny Frost Cleere, who is a
member of theBoard.Marny’s father
and mother, David
and Carol Frost also
attended thepicnic.
David was presi-
dent of the Histori-
cal Society during
it’s 50th Anniversary
in 1990. Seventy-five
years ago, David’s
McPherson hosted a
meeting at his home.
The minutes of the
Society met on Thurs-
day afternoon, August
27, 1940 at the home
of the president Roy P. McPherson
there being in attendance 140. Ar-
ticlesof historical interest ownedby
Mr. McPherson were on exhibit and
wereviewed from twoo’clock through
the afternoon. At 3 pm the call to the
business meeting was sounded by
John Comfort and Sheldon Beadle
Jr. on old conch shells. The president
Mr.McPhersonpresided andextended
greetings ... Mr. Schuyler C.Wells gave
a reportof theprogressof thepictorial
bookof LeRoy,1940and stated thaton
June 1, a professional photographer
Mr. Oscar Weggel of Rochester had
Mrs. Ralph Roberts sang “Tell Me
the Tales That To MeWere So Dear”
and “Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party,”ac-
companied by Mrs. Dayton Stevens
at the melodeon. These ladies were
dressed inold timecostumes.
Mrs. G. Albert Kenny gave a paper
on the old house of theMcPhersons
and somethingof thehistoryof Alex-
ander McPherson, called “Black Alex”
and his descendants ... Mrs. Critten-
den & Mrs. Roberts accompanied by
Mrs.Stevens sang“Sweet andLow.” A
playlet“HomeActivities of LongAgo”
written by Miss Adrianne Sanderson
was presented on the porch. “Neigh-
bors” arrived in an old time horse
drawn rockaway, with Robert Graney
as coachman, a carriage built in 1839
drivenby Ernest L. Button and an an-
and driven by Leo Gross. A quadrille
and Virginian reel were (part) of the
neighborhood visit. ... The program
concludedwith the audience singing
“Auld Lang Syne” led byMrs. Critten-
den and Mrs. Roberts. The president
then invited all to continue inspec-
tion of the old house and articles on
FlorenceW.Robbins,Sec.pro tem”
Scott Ripley calling the meeting with
Strengthen the
Armof Liberty–
With a donation of $1,280 from
the LeRoy High School Alumni As-
sociation,and$3,650 from theLoy-
al Order of Moose, the Strengthen
the Arm of Liberty fund exceeded
$15,000. Donations from all across
thecountrypoured in.
LeRoyHigh School alumni class-
es challenged each other to raise
money to repair LeRoy’s Lady Lib-
erty. The Genesee County Cham-
ber of Commerce chipped in $300,
saying“We know that LeRoy’s Lady
Liberty is a local tourist attraction,
and the Chamber believes that it’s
important to encourage and sup-
port tourism,soweweremore than
happy tomakeacontribution.”
The folks at the Jell-O Gallery
couldn’t agree more. “We tell our
visitors togoover to the creekbank
andpose infrontofourStatueofLib-
erty. Then they can tell their friends
theywereat theStatueof Liberty in
NewYork - - of coursenotNewYork,
NewYork - -but it is inNewYork!“
This fall, the statue will be re-
moved from thepedestaland taken
to Orcon Industries on Lake Road
for a special“pillow”thatwill soften
her trip to McKay Lodge Fine Art
Restoration in Oberlin, Ohio. Work
will continue this winter and the
pedestal will be examined to see
if it will need repairs.We hope the
Statue of Libertywill be rededicat-
ed next July during the Oatka Fes-
tival. Thank you to everyone who
Historical Societypicnicwas held at the home of the former presi-
Antique and
Collectibles Show
10am to4pm
$3.00proceeds tobenefit
LeRoyHistorical Society
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