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Dan Cote opened the meeting and
al meeting minutes were presented
and accepted.The 2014 financial and
investment reports were presented
by treasurer, Sue McQuillen. Direc-
tor, Lynne Belluscio presented an
overviewof the activities of theor-
ganization in 2014. Reports were
Committee; Shelia Furr, Volunteer
Committee;Cheryll Fernaays,Mem-
bership Committee; Dan Diskin,
The nominating committee pre-
sented Bob Collette, Shelia Furr and
Anne Frew for a second three-year
term. And to commemorate the
McPherson family’s commitment to
the Historical Society, Marny Frost
Cleere, great-granddaughter of the
first president, Roy McPherson, was
elected for a one-year term. Her fa-
ther, David Frost, president of the
Historical Society during the 50th
Anniversary, conducted the election
and sharedexcerpts fromhisgrand-
father’s diary. He turned the gavel
to his daughter,who adjourned the
The program for the afternoon
was an institutional history of the
LeRoy Historical Society presented
by Lynne Belluscio followed by a
Members of LeRoy Historical Society
DaveFrost - 1990,pastpresident;Dan
Cote -2014,presidentandMarnyFrost
Cleere,2ndgreat grandaughter of 1st
Through the generosity of the
folkswhoattended thisyear’sdinner
auction, theproceedsof theevening
exceeded$8,000. TheBoardofTrust-
eesdecided that thenetproceedsof
this year’s dinner/auction would be
placed in thenewEducationEndow-
ment. An anonymous donor will be
matching $10,000 to create a good
beginning for thisessential fund.
This year’s event featured a deli-
ciousmeal prepared by D&R Depot.
Themenuwas based on amenu of
1940 and included a Jell-O “Perfec-
tion Salad,” and a delicious soup,
chicken tetrazzini (sonamed for a fa-
mous opera singer LouisaTetrazzini)
andabeefpot roastwithvegetables,
and asparagus. Dessert was a York
Peppermint Pattie pie, (in commem-
oration of the 75th Anniversary of
The “$20 Envelopes”were quickly
sold and brought in over $800. The
silent auction tables were filledwith
unusual items,donatedbymanydif-
ferent people. The live auction, led
once again by the able services of
Bill Kent, saw sixty itemsdraw strong
bidding. Everything fromavisit from
SantaClauseandprintsbyLori Long-
hany, toahandcraftedcuttingboard
dinnerbrought in strongbids.
The notorious “family portrait”
(which has been auctioned each
year for about ten years,) was taken
home by Sue and John Doemling
with the understanding that it has
to be returned next year to be auc-
tioned again. The basement kitchen
was set for a recordof 30peopleand
everyone had a great time. Ladies
took home thebeautiful white roses
provided by Lake Street Florist. Spe-
cial thanks to all of our donors, D&R
Depot,KentAuctions andall the suc-
cessful bidders.
The new sign out front of the LeRoy
previewof thenewexhibit“75Years
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