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We are having a very busy spring
with all the school programs. With
the help of Anne Frew, Shelia Furr,
Cheryll Fernaays, Joanne Graham,
Sam Leadley, Linda Keister, and Sue
Privitera we will have seen all six
hundred elementary school stu-
dents, kindergarten to fifth grades.
It’sapretty tight schedule tofit them
in before the end of the year. One
weekwe have all the fifth grades in
themorningand in theafternoonwe
haveall thekindergarten students.
In the meantime, we have been
busy at the Jell-O Gallery and are
looking for visitors fromonly eleven
states to meet our goal of all fifty.
Terry Blackburn has been able to
keep the schedule filled with the
help of RuthHarvie, Ruth Koch, Eliz-
abeth Bolton, Liz Carney, and Ryan
Mangefrida. LPGraphicshasprinted
some new Jell-O Girls T-shirts that
Thegarden is lookinggreat,thanks
to Linda Keister and Lee DeFazio,
who spend several hours eachweek
keeping the weeds under control.
Tom Frew is our lawn expert again
this year, and is riding the mower
twice a week to keep ahead of the
grass. We arehappy that twoof our
three Ingham Roses have survived
the brutal winter andwe hope they
will produce some of their fragrant
white blossoms this year. We’ve put
upa“teepee”for some scarlet runner
beans in theherbgarden. Themorn-
ing glories are already climbing up
the trellis. They were so spectacular
last year. The first grade classes will
beplanting100marigolds in thegar-
den in front of the Academic Build-
ingagain thisyear.
Shelia Furr has added some new
faces to the list of docentsworking
in the LeRoyHouse and thismonth
we are open almost every day.We
are still looking for somevolunteers
that can help. You will meet some
great visitors and have a chance to
share the story of LeRoy House. If
youhave a few sparehours,giveus
acall andwe’ll setupsomepartner-
shipswith some of our veterando-
The Oatka Festival is coming up
July18and19. Theparadebeginsat
11 AM on Saturday. Plan to stop by
the tent to play some old fashioned
games. As last year,most of the gift
shop items will be for sale at the
Jell-O Gallery. Also, weather permit-
books will be in the tent as well as
some lawnchairs for the“LeRoyThen
andNow”group to sit and share sto-
ries. If you need more information
about the Oatka Festival and all the
newevents,visit theirwebsite.www.
A special thank you to all the folks
whohelpedplaceflags forMemorial
Day. Nearly500flagswereplaced in
two hours at Machpelah Cemetery.
Newmaps for three of the sections
made the joba lot easier thisyear.
From theDeskof theDirector
SpecialVisitor to
the Jell-OGallery
In the museum world, there prob-
ably isn’t a more important person
than Ford Bell, who has served the
pasteightyearsas thePresidentof the
AmericanAllianceofMuseums (AAM).
I met him in Chicago at the AAM
Annual meeting when he was first
elected.Hewasgreeting folksgetting
on a tour bus going to ChicagoMu-
seums. As I got on the bus, he intro-
ducedhimselfand I toldhim Iwas the
Directorof the Jell-OGallery inLeRoy,
NewYork and invited him to stopby
sometime. He is a very personable
man, and values the small museums
aswell as the largemuseums.
In the past eight years, he has
transformed AAM into an organiza-
tion that speaks for allmuseums. He
recently announced his retirement
and had been the keynote speaker
at the Museum Association of New
York meeting in Corning. I felt bad
because I had decided not to go to
theMANYon thatday.
I was sitting in the library talk-
ingwithGeorgeHenry and his wife,
when Terry brought in a business
cardand said therewasaman in the
giftshop toseeme. Aftereightyears,
FordBell hadacceptedmy invitation
to visit the Jell-OGallery. He andhis
wife aremoving back toMinnesota
fromWashington, and her family is
He is a remarkable man, who
taught school for a while and then
earned his PhD. in veterinary medi-
cine. His grandfather foundedGen-
eralMills inMinnesotaand the fami-
lyhasbeen involved inphilanthropic
workandFordhas servedonnumer-
ous cultural boardsaswell asAAM.
It was such a wonderful experi-
ence towalk through theexhibitand
share all the stories with the Fords.
They were genuinely interested in
the story of Jell-O and enjoyed the
original advertising art. I can only
imagine all of the hundreds of mu-
seums he has visited, but he was a
delightful visitor and Iwill always re-
member theday that FordBell came
to the Jell-OMuseum.
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