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NewExhibit–75Years -BringingHistoryHome
These two exhibit panels display the
charters given to the LeRoyHistorical
Societyby theNewYorkStateBoardof
Regents. Thepanelsalso includepho-
tographsof earlyactivitiesandevents
that took place in LeRoyHouse.Make
sure you stop by LeRoy House this
summer tocheckout thisexhibit.
Education isan importantpartof themissionof theLeRoyHistori-
calSociety.Forover thirtyyears,“Hands-On-History”programshave
been offered to the LeRoyWolcott Street School students. From
Grandma’sTrunk andA is For Apple for the kindergarten students,
toSimpleMachines for the thirdgradesand thealwayspopularPio-
neer Sampler for the fourthgrades.Theseactivitiesnowhavebeen
adapted to meet the new Common Core Standards. Each student
visits LeRoyHouse twice a year for a hands-on activity specifically
designed for theirgrade level andcurriculum.
These twoexhibit cases include (left)
the collections of the first president,
Roy McPherson, and a wonderful
collection (right) of “Made in leRoy”
items.Someof these things are rare-
ly exhibited, and are amust see this
summer, including an exhibit of Le-
Roymatchbooks, pencils and adver-
tising pieces. Between the two large
exhibit cases are (left) judges robes
of Kermit Arrington and ShirleyGar-
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