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LeRoy Historical Society
23 East Main Street, PO Box 176
Le Roy, NY 14482-0176
23 East Main Street
Le Roy, New York 14482
Winter can be a slow time but it al-
lows us to catch up on a lot of work
that has been put aside. A few weeks
ago, Sue Conklin, Ruth Koch, Eileen
Partice and I visited the Ontario
County Historical Society in Canan-
daigua to learn about integrating our
archives into our museum software
program. Eventually, the archives will
have a finding guide and items can be
retrieved easily for researchers to use.
To facilitate this, we will be buying
a new shelving unit to hold the large
bound volumes of the newspapers
and a library cart to move the heavy
archival boxes around. In the dead of
winter, because there is no heat on
the second floor, the work is sporadic
but will go full speed ahead when it
warms up.
This summer, through a grant from
the Vic Blood Foundation, the Histori-
cal Society will offer Hands-On-Histo-
ry for kids at LeRoy House. Laura Wil-
liams will be coordinating several days
From the Director’s Desk
of activities. A complete schedule will
be posted in the
LeRoy Pennysaver
. A
minimal fee will be charged.
Repairs to the bathroom ceiling
at LeRoy House are complete, just
in time for the dinner auction. In the
midst of this cold winter, the wa-
ter pipes into the Academic Build-
ing froze. Thanks to an immediate
response from Tom McGinnis, the
pipes were thawed and no damage
was done. In the meantime, we are
trying to keep the entry hall into the
basement of the Academic Building
warm to prevent a reoccurrence.
Plans are underway to update the
Jell-O Exhibit this year. Several com-
ponents that have been in storage
will be brought back into the exhibit
gallery. And we are waiting to hear if
we will receive a grant from the Low-
er Hudson Conference to restore the
Strawberry Jell-O painting. We hope
to add a fewmore interactive exhibits.
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