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stallation of bathrooms in Academic
Building. Orpha Hill Garden dedicat-
ed July 16. Library and offices moved
to Academic Building.
2001 –
Received $35,000 fromBurton Spill-
er for Academic Building renovation
Exhibit: “Stars and Stripes Forever”
2002 –
Structural report on Academic
building revealed that major struc-
tural work was required. Fence in
front of LeRoy House was installed
in memory of Clyde Traxler. Jell-O
exhibit our Salt Lake City Olympics.
Exhibit: “The Pioneers”.
2003 –
Garden tea held. Ox cart drawings
by Frank Richens made available.
Spring lecture series offered. Struc-
tural I-beams installed in Academic
Building and cement floor poured
in basement with funds from Capi-
tal Grant from NYSCA which were
matched with Spiller money for
$64,000 project.
Exhibit:“Petticoats and Underwear”
2004 –
Cemetery inventory started.Bill Cos-
by visited; Front roof of LeRoy House
replaced after wind damage.
Exhibit: “In Loving Memory -
2005 –
Spring lecture series of-
fered. Kitchen garden in-
stalled in memory of Kath-
eryn Zimmerman. Archives
moved to second floor of
Academic Building, and
named for Burton Spiller.
Gugino Memorial garden
and benches installed. Bill-
board installed on NYS Thru-
January 2003 – crane placing I beams into main
floor windows of Academic Building.
way Exhibit:“LeRoy’s Musical Legacy”.
2006 –
Transportation exhibit installed
in basement of Academic Building.
Henry Clay painting donated to the
United States Senate. Exhibit: “Bridg-
es of LeRoy”.
2007 –
Wheelchair lift installed at Aca-
demic Building. “Walk the Villages”
program; Back half of LeRoy House
roof replaced and two chimneys
capped. Exhibit: “The Genesee Farm-
er – Agriculture”.
2008 –
Driveway paved, insulation in-
stalled in attic of Academic Building.
Exhibit: “Aprons”
2009 –
490 members; Gutters on Academic
Building replaced; Exhibit:“The Art of
Ingham University”.
2010 –
Arcadia Publishes
LeRoy book; UV shields
installed on storm win-
dows of LeRoy House.
Museum trip to New
York City. Exhibit:“Don-
aldWoodward Airport”.
2011 –
The first LeRoy Barn
Quilt was painted dur-
ing the Oatka Festi-
val. Museum trips to
Fredricksburg – Wil-
liamsburg and Lower
Hudson- Kykuit. Exhibit
“Museum of Curiosities”.
2012 –
The LeRoy Historical
Society spearheaded the Town’s Bi-
centennial event on June 6. Trip to
Sauder Village in Ohio. Exhibit: “Le-
Roy’s Barn Quilts”.
2013 –
Golf Tournament to commemorate
Don Woodward’s Golf Course.
Exhibit: “Lapp Insulator Company”.
2014 –
450 Mini Coopers stop to visit the
Jell-O Museum on their cross-coun-
try rally; 800 people go through the
museum in two hours. Exhibit:“Let’s
Play – Games and Toys”.
Spring Antiques
& Treasures Sale
Saturday, April 11, 2015
10am - 4pm
at the Le Roy Country Club
7759 E Main Rd, Le Roy, NY 14482
Venders will offer a variety of
Antiques, Furniture, Florals, Jewelry,
Decorative & Holiday Items,Vintage Goods to Compliment Your Home & Garden
$3.00 Admission will benefit the Le Roy Historical Society & Jell-O Museum
Come to Shop...Stay for a Wonderful Lunch...
For Dealer Info, Please Call Jeanne at (585) 768-6310
Academic Building before restoration.
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