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1972 –
The microfilming of the
LeRoy Ga-
was begun with financial help
from Ruth Keeney.
1973 –
Ruth Keeney’s estate established
the Keeney Fund which was adminis-
tered by the Buffalo Foundation and
was designated for hiring a curator.
1977 –
LeRoy House was open Wednes-
day through Sunday 2-5. The first
paid curator,Wes Balla was hired.
1978 –
A donation of $11,000 was re-
ceived from Gordon Wilson.
1981 –
There were 332 members. Lectures
were offered during LeRoy History
Week. William Shelgren, architect,
prepared a report on the west wall
cracks. A water line was installed to
the Little League.
1982 –
The first Dinner Auction was held
with 120 people. The auction raised
$985. The Board designated that all
Life Membership money was to be
put into an endowment fund. Ex-
hibits: “Picture It: Photographs and
Paintings of LeRoy” – “Baskets”.
1983 –
The membership list was comput-
erized.Architect John Bero inspected
the west wall of LeRoy House. Ed-
ward Cornwall was hired as curator.
Exhibit: “Paintings from the Collec-
tion of Edward Cornwall”
1984 –
Membership 184 members
1985 –
The dinner auction netted $1,720.
Insulation was installed in the attic of
LeRoy House.
1986 –
The oil-fired boiler was replaced
by a gas-fired unit. The LeRoy House
was open during the winter.
1987 –
Leni Ecker was hired as curator.An in-
ventory of the collections was begun.
1988 –
The Museum Assessment Program
was awarded. Lynne Belluscio was
hired as curator/director.The mission
statement was adopted. The stucco
on the House was repaired and the
exterior was painted.
1989 –
The bushes in the front of LeRoy
House were removed. A Collections
Policy was adopted. An architectural
assessment was completed by Craw-
ford and Sterns. Exhibits:“Art of Frank
Eastman Jones” “Civil War – Myron
Pierson’s Diary”.
1990 –
The Newsletter changed format.
Christmas open house with Punch
and Judy; LHS celebrates 50th An-
niversary; Exhibits: “LeRoy in 1940”
“The Art of Antonio Barone”.
1991 –
Re–enforcing rods were installed
from the west to east walls and
through the arch of the vault room
to stabilize the shifting of the west
wall. Jell-O T- shirts were offered for
sale to raise money for restoration
of Jell-O paintings. L. Belluscio gave
lecture on Jell-O at the Smithson-
ian in Washington. Academic Build-
ing was repointed. The Ingham files
were microfilmed. Bill Lane indexed
the photograph collection. LeRoy
House was “haunted”
for Halloween. Exhib-
its: “Quilts” “Jell-O Ad-
1992 –
Major effort to ac-
cession objects un-
dertaken. Ange Bell
backs and new hang-
ing wires to the art.
The stairway hall wall
and ceiling was re-
paired. Mark Presher
created reproduction
Morganville redware
for sale. Summer pro-
grams for children of-
fered. Ingham concert
at the Baptist Church.
Exhibits:“LeRoy Plow
Company” “Ingham University”
1993 –
The Endowment Committee was
formed. LeRoy afghan designed
and sold. Jell-O exhibit opened at
the Strong Museum. Storage facili-
ties were set up on third floor of
LeRoy House.
1994 –
Bridal Show at auditorium; Ghost
Walk at Machpelah Cemetery;
wooden Jell-O boxes reproduced for
sale; windows in Academic Building
repaired; hall to upstairs is wallpa-
pered Exhibit: “Horgan Photographs
– loan from Scranton Heritage Mu-
1995 –
The Tuesday Crew of volunteers
began work on the Academic Build-
ing. New ceiling installed in second
floor hall of LeRoy House; LeRoy
bedroom restored. Exhibit: “Under-
ground Railroad”.
1996 –
Library in LeRoy House moved
from northwest room to southwest
room Collections Assessment Pro-
gram awarded from IMLS. Exhibits:
“Community and Industry”and“Rose
O’Neill Jell-O advertising”.
1997 –
Kraft donated $50,000 for new en-
trance to Academic Building; Jell-O
Gallery and Museum Shop opened.
Jell-O Brick Road installed. National
Historic Landmark designation for
LeRoy House and Academic Building.
Jell-O historic markers dedicated on
Lake Street and North Street.
1998 –
An endowment was created with
$187,500 from the estate of Gordon
Wilson; Renovation of two remaining
main floor rooms of Academic Build-
1999 –
Ingham historic marker dedicated
on Trigon Park. Received $25,000
from estate of Orpha Hill $15,000 for
investment and $10,00 for a Victo-
rian garden.
2000 –
Received $50,000 from Kraft for in-
Opening of the Jell-O Gallery 1997.
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