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1947 –
The “clipping files” which were as-
sembled by Mrs. J.A. Kenny were
moved to LeRoy House.
1949 –
The Historical Society hosted a joint
meeting and dinner for the members
of the Town and Village Boards and
their wives. The dinner was prepared
in the basement kitchen. The Union
Steel Chest Company on Church
Street moved its offices into the Ac-
ademic Building after a fire in their
factory. The Town appropriated $500
to the Historical Society. The LeRoy
House was open to the public three
afternoons a week and Sundays in
June, July and August.
1950 –
The Board of Trustees sold a 80
x 150 foot portion of the west side
of the property to the Methodist
Church for a manse. The coal boiler
was replaced by an oil unit.
1951 –
The membership was 453
1952 –
The Board of Trustees granted per-
mission for the LeRoy Little League
to use the old athletic field behind
the Academy Buildings. LeRoy House
was open to the public twice a week
during June, July and August. Edward
LeRoy, a direct descendent of Jacob
LeRoy visited.
1953 –
It was proposed that the Academ-
ic Buildings be torn down and the
property behind LeRoy House be
subdivided into building lots. This
plan never came to fruition.
1954 –
The fifteenth annual meeting was
held May 5. The program was about
the LeRoy Academic Institute.
1955 –
The Ingham portraits and paint-
ings were deeded to the Historical
Society from the school. A Junior
Historical Society was formed. Ed-
ward LeRoy donated Jacob
LeRoy’s desk.
1956 –
There were 323 members,
of which 156 were “out of
town”members and 29 new
1960 –
All the loose stucco on the
LeRoy House was removed
and replaced. Ten shutters
were purchased.
1961 –
The wooden LeRoy Aca-
demic Institute building was
razed. The loan for the back
wall renovations was paid
off. Contributions were ac-
cepted from the John Sam-
son Memorial Fund.
1963 –
An endowment fund was pro-
1968 –
A new roof was put on LeRoy
1969 –
A new boiler was installed in LeRoy
House. Money was invested in the
Washington Mutual Fund.
1971 –
The LeRoy Historical Society was
included in the LeRoy Commu-
nity Chest Drive and received $400.
There are 23 Life Members.
Upstairs front bedroom - opening day.
Several wedding receptions were held in LeRoy House in the 1940s. It is believed
that this photograph was taken on May 12, 1945 at the reception of Miss Ruth
Munt andMarine Sgt.LelandMattice.Clara Ambeau of Rochester served asmaid
of honor . Miss Jean Munt and Miss Connie Fallon were attendants.
This map of a projected sub-division
behind LeRoy House was published
in the 1957 – 1958 Historical Society
Annual Report.
1957-1958 –
The entire backwall of the LeRoyHouse andporch
were removed and rebuilt. The wooden gallery
was replaced with a cement block porch founda-
tion. Loans were secured for the renovations.
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