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A Time Line
1939 –
December 1 –
A group of ten peo-
ple proposed that an organization
be formed to collect and preserve
the history of LeRoy. The name of
the organization would be the LeRoy
Historical Society. Membership was
set at $1.
1940 –
February 14 –
The first meeting at
theWoodward Memorial Library was
attended by 25 people. Roy McPher-
son was elected President. It was de-
cided to hold four meetings a year.
May 9 –
One hundred people at-
tended the spring meeting held at
the Woodward Library. It was de-
cided to always hold the annual
meeting on a date nearest the 5th of
May in commemoration of the first
meeting of the Village of LeRoy in
1834. The D.A.R. proposed to donate
their collection of historical objects
and papers to the Historical Society.
Schuyler Wells outlined the 1940
photographic project that would uti-
lize $300 remaining from the 1934
Centennial celebration. Photogra-
pher Ozzie Weigle was hired to do
the work. The Historical Society had
326 members
In 1940, a young graduate of Roch-
ester Institute of Technology School
of Photography was hired to photo-
graph the people and places of LeRoy.
This project was spearheaded by S.C.
Wells and turned over to the newly
formed Historical Society. Ultimately
two bound books were produced,
with over 550 images. In 1990, the
photographer, Ossie (Oscar) Wieg-
gel, posed with his wife with the 1940
book at LeRoy House.
Five photos taken August 27, 1940
at President Roy McPherson’s home
on Oatka Trail. Guests arrived by
horse and carriage and assembled
in the front yard to watch the playlet
“Home Activities of Long Ago.”
August 27 –
One hundred and fif-
ty members attended the meeting at
the home of President Roy McPher-
son on Oatka Trail. The meeting was
called to order by blowing conch
shells. A historical “playlet” entitled
“Home Activities of Long Ago” was
presented. Costumed participants
arrived in horse-drawn vehicles.
December 20 –
Received Provi-
sional Charter from the New York
State Board of Regents.
1941 –
Annual meeting held at the Bap-
tist Church. President McPherson
placed a priority on finding a his-
torical home for the Society. Later
that year, the plans to accept Allen
Olmsted’s offer of LeRoy House was
discussed and a meeting was held
in LeRoy House to discuss the neces-
sary repairs.
1942 –
LeRoy House was given to the His-
torical Society by Allen S. Olmsted of
Buffalo, a former LeRoy resident and
owner of Allen’s Footease. Major res-
torations were made to the house in
1942 and 1943.The collections of the
LeRoy Chapter of the D.A.R were do-
nated to the Society. The Antiquarian
Club assembled an exhibit on histori-
cal glass at the Library, and raised $50
which was used to purchase a set of
dishes to be used at LeRoy House for
1944 –
A genealogical group was formed.
1945 –
Absolute Charter received on
March 16. There were 451 members.
The brick fireplace and oven in the
basement were rebuilt on the origi-
nal foundation.
1946 –
The Academic Buildings were
deeded to the Historical Society by
Foster Millburn Company of Buffalo,
through the estate of Allen Olmsted.
Membership was 432. In November,
the Historical Society received an
Award of Merit from the American
Association for State and Local His-
tory (AASLH).
People arriving by carriage.
Carriages arriving at Oatka Trail.
People arriving in costume.
Carriage arriving.
People assembled at porch of Presi-
dent McPherson’s watching playlet.
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