LeRoy Historical Newsletter - page 5

With funds from the Geraldine
Rooney estate, the Historical Society
has been able to add several signifi-
cant paintings to the collection. We
were contacted by Bob Beal whose
fatherworkedat Jell-Oandwhen the
factory closed, like other employees
hewas able to take home the paint-
ingsonhisofficewalls. That included
the“Strawberry”in theseriesofother
still lifes.
The Historical Society exhibits “Or-
ange”, ”Raspberry” and “Lemon” in
the Jell-O Gallery. “Strawberry” will
require restoration before it can be
put on exhibit. A very important
groupof paintingsbyAugustaPalm-
er have been acquired. Palmer was
an art student at Ingham University
and studied under Professor Lemuel
Wiles.Shegraduated in1881andher
diploma was also purchased for the
left Ingham and built
his studio on Silver
his favorite instructor.
became active in the
cultural scene inPerry.
Shedied in1952.
es were dispersed by
her brother’s family.
Many of the paintings
were sold before they
became known to the
Historical Society, but
whoagreed tohold thepaintingsun-
til the funds were secured, there are
now four fine examples of her work
in the Ingham collection. The Perry
Library, which displays a wonderful
collection if Lemuel Wiles’work, has
been very helpful with research on
AugustaPalmer,who servedon their
libraryboard formanyyears.
Markyoucalendarsnow forour
annual Dinner Auction at LeRoy
House. The LeRoy Historical So-
cietywill be celebrating it’s 75th
Anniversary, in2015and thedin-
nerwill beourdiamond jubilee!!
Search the back of your grand-
mother’s closet for clothes from
1940. Men are encouraged to
wear classic ties - - thewider the
better. Ticketswill go on sale af-
terthefirstof theyear. Ifyouhave
donations for the auction,please
contact the office at 768-7433.
Chairmen for the event areAnne
Christmas Shopping at the Museum
Whynotpickupa fewgiftsor stocking stuffersat the Jell-OGallery. Look
for some special discounts.Anddon’t forget,bricks in the Jell-OBrickRoad
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