LeRoy Historical Newsletter - page 4

OnOctober 18th and 19th, the for-
mer residents of LeRoy House came
back toshare their stories. Folkswho
joinedus for theeveningwere treat-
ed to some great history and a little
bitof humor.
Liz Carney and ElizabethBoltonpor-
trayMaryCoxandAnnerPeck,two In-
ghamUniversity students,who chat-
ted about roommates, college food,
and the soldiers who came to ser-
enade theyoung ladies.Annerwasn’t
impressedwithMary’s father whose
lectures were too long and who
“didn’t seem to knowwhen to stop.”
AndMarywasn’t impressedwith the
peacocks that the Bartow family left
behindwhen they sold LeRoyHouse
to her father. The young ladies were
served teabyCheryll Fernaays.
Across the hall, Mrs. Spry, played by
Brenda Beal, has just returned from
the reception for the First Lady Elea-
and Adelaide Woodward’s house,
down the street. Mrs. Roosevelt was
campaigning for Carol O’Day, who
was running forCongress. Mrs.Spry’s
helpstocarry inthebuntingandthen
passedout a few leftover cookies.
There was a fire going in the 1830
kitchen fireplace, presided by the
LeRoy cook, played by Sylvia Fraser.
The governess, portrayed by Shelia
Furr shares stories of the new gar-
dener, Florence McCarthy, played
by Sam Leadley. Jacob LeRoy’s son
Augustus, played by Evan Williams,
helps carry in more cauliflowers
from thegarden.
As members sat on the 75-year-old
chairs, President Roy McPherson,
portrayed by Scott Ripley, presided
over the first membership meeting
to be held in LeRoy House. Secre-
tary, Adrienne Sanderson, played
by Joanne Graham, read
the minutes and gave the
report of the Curator, Miss
A display of objects donat-
ed to the Historical Society
included a silver nosegay
holder, an early 19th cen-
tury sampler, the Ingham
gong, the Holmsted fire-
place fender, a cannonball,
and a collectionof sixpew-
terplatter cozies.
CandlelightTourof LeRoyHouse
Miss Marsh, a music teacher played
by Lynne Belluscio, tries to enroll
newstudents in theLeRoyAcademic
Augustus LeRoy demonstratinghow
hewatered thecauliflower.
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