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year, several fire calls were made
when tenants were using charcoal
grills on the front porch. The status
of thehouse isuncertainat this time,
although it may be up for sale. It is
assessed for $119,000.
Although demands on teachers
have increased in thepast coupleof
years, and it is difficult to find time
for enrichmentprograms, the teach-
ersat theWolcottStreetSchoolhave
overwhelmingly told us that they
want and need the programs that
weareoffering.Wecontinue towork
with them, trying to be flexible and
to include common core standards
withall ofourprograms.Wehave in-
creased our fees from $30 per class
the increase inmaterials. Weareen-
couraging the Museum Association
of NewYork toworkwith the Legis-
lature,and theNewYorkStateBoard
of Regents to include museums
and historical societies in an educa-
tional initiative. TheNewYork State
Board of Regents charters libraries,
archives, schools, and public broad-
casting as well as museums and
historical societies. Only museums
andhistorical societies areexcluded
from fundingsources. Hopefully this
will change.
Finally, on October 27, we wel-
comed a visitor from North Dakota
– the last holdout of having visitors
from every state. (Last year it was
Alaska). Admittedly it was a stretch.
He is part of a team of marketing
consultants who are working with
eight Western Counties to develop
amarketing plan. I mentioned that
we were waiting for visitors from
without all fifty states. He said that
he used to live inNorthDakota and
still maintains a mailing address in
Bismark,sowedecided thatwas suf-
ficient toqualify for the“door prize.”
In addition to all 50 states, this year
we havewelcomed visitors from 30
The games and toys exhibit has
closed and is being packed up.
Preparations arebeingmade for the
2015 exhibit whichwill concentrate
on thehistoryof theLeRoyHistorical
Society, founded75yearsago.
Three paintings from the Histori-
cal Societycollectionare included in
anexhibit atSUNYGeneseo“1888 in
America:WilliamTrost Richards’Sea-
scape Contexualized.” The paint-
ings from the Historical Society in-
clude anOatka Creek Landscape by
Lemuel Wiles and two portraits by
Ida Taylor and are on exhibit at the
eseountil December 6.The exhibit is
accompanied by a series of lectures,
including “The Lure of Livingston
County Landscape: As Interpreted
in 19th Century Art and Literature”
presentedbyAmieAlden, Livingston
19th in the Lockhart Gallery at 1:30.
The series culminates with “The Res-
toration of Henry Clay in the Senate”
which Iwillpresentat1:30pmonDe-
cember 3 in the Lederer Auditorium.
Theexhibit and the lecturesareopen
to thepublic.
A curious copper hammered mir-
ror, was recently donated to the
Historical Society. It was manufac-
tured to commemorate three val-
iant men who were involved with
the Spanish AmericanWar. The war
is remembered for the sinking of
theUSSMaine on February 15, 1898
in theHavanaHarbor. At the time, it
was believed that the shiphadbeen
sunk by a Spanishmine, and the cry
“Remember the Maine, to Hell with
Spain”became thebattlecry fora10-
week skirmish in the Caribbean Sea
and Pacific Ocean, which brought
down theSpanishEmpire.
The threemenwho appear on the
mirror, Admiral George Dewey, Rear
Admiral Richmond P. Hobson and
Rear Admiral William T. Sampson
were considered heroes of the war.
Sampson was born in nearby Pal-
myra and Sampson Airbase – now
Sampson State Park, is named for
him. Dewey was the hero of Manila
Bay and is remembered for a quota-
tion,“Youmay firewhen ready,Grid-
ley.”There weremany commemora-
tive objects made for the Spanish
AmericanWar and thismirror is one.
Althoughnotparticularly rare, it isan
importantmementoof anevent that
tookplaceover 100yearsago.
Work continues on the extensive
collectionof sport andgamehistory
that has been donated by Judy Jen-
sen. Books and files are being orga-
nizedsystematicallyso that research-
erswill beable tohaveaccess to this
import and significant resource. Ev-
erything from ping pong, baseball,
quoits, Diablo, to crinkinole, whist,
shut the box and bowling. It is truly
an amazing collection and we are
very fortunate tohave it.
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