LeRoy Historical Newsletter - page 2

Finally the boiler is back up and
running in LeRoy House. Although
the leak in the returnpipewas suc-
cessfully fixed this summer, other
more complicated andnecessitated
a rather expensive replacement
part. We have been told that when
theVillage switchedover toMonroe
County water, there were precipi-
tates which have caused problems
in steam systems. So we are bleed-
ing the boiler more often, with the
hope that we can alleviate more
costly repairs.
The two oldhorse chestnut trees
that straddle the driveway behind
LeRoy House will be cut down
soon. They are hollow and each
winter, large limbs fall into thegar-
den or across the driveway. They
areahazard to thebackporch,and
the only ones that will miss them
will be the squirrels.
Twenty-seven East Main, on the
east side of LeRoy House, continues
to deteriorate andwe have submit-
ted signed petitions to the LeRoy
CodeEnforcer,askinghim to inspect
thebuilding for code violations. We
have also requested an inspection
by the Fire Marshal and the Health
Department. We have been told,
that rental properties may be in-
spectedannually,and that thehouse
has not been inspected for several
years. InMayof 2013, thepolice raid-
ed the house, looking for drug labs,
although none were found. This
From theDeskof
The fall tripwas ahuge success! Therewere 29peoplewho toured thehis-
Roosevelthome, theVanderbiltMansionand theMillsMansionat Staatsburg.
Although the rain shortenedour visit to theAerodrome inRhinebeck,wedid
have theopportunity to see theonly remainingairplaneknown,tohavebeen
flownout of theDonald WoodwardAirport onAsburyRoad.Plans arebeing
made for a spring trip in2015 to theScranton,Pennsylvaniaarea.
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