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This is thewelcoming committee on theMiniCooperDay!
TheDay theMini Coopers Came ToTown!
Dear Editor,
I was one of themany people
privileged tovisit your townand
Jello Museum while participat-
ing in theMINITakes theStates
All of uswere thrilledwith the
warmthandkindnessyour towns-
folk bestowed on us! Watching
the excitement in the peoples’
faces as we drove by and, OH,
thewaveswerepriceless tous!!!
WhenwegotoutofourMINIs to
welcomed as old friends.
Visiting your Jello Museum
was a special treat for those of
us who remember a lot of the
advertisements either in print or
on TV. What a wonderful walk
downmemory lane!
The warmth and kindness of
your community will forever
remain a highlight of my MINI
adventure across theUS!
Itdoesn’tseem likemuch,how-
ever it is from the bottom onmy
Lufkin, TX
Letter To The Editor
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