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Volume XXV
Number 2
23 East Main Street • PO Box 176 • Le Roy, New York 14482
Join the Team!
If you have a few hours a week
that you could donate to help keep
LeRoy house open, please con-
tact us. None of our docents work
alone - -you are always part of a
team and there are training ses-
sions that help you learn how to
give a tour and what needs to be
done. You’ll have an opportunity to
greet some very interesting visitors
from all over the world. Give it a try.
Our volunteer coordinator is She-
lia Furr and she is more than happy
to answer any of your questions.
Or you can volunteer to help in the
gardens, or if you are good with a
dust cloth, there’s always a weed to
pull or a chair to dust. Shelia Furr co-
ordinates our volunteers, so call the
office at 768-7433.
And here’s another date to put
on your calendar – The Saturday
of Memorial Day weekend, May
24, volunteers meet at Machpelah
Cemetery at 9 am - - rain or shine,
to place flags on Veterans’ graves.
Bring a bottle of water, some bug
repellent, and walking shoes. We
meet at the entrance and are usu-
ally done by noon.
Life Memberships
We welcome Mike Saulsbury as
a new life member. It is the policy
of the Historical Society that all life
membership donations are placed
in the endowment fund, and only
the earnings are used to support the
organization. The last time the life
membership fee was increased, was
in 1991.
At the suggestion of the member-
ship committee, and the review of
the Board of Trustees, the fee for a life
membership will be raised by $50 to
$400 in 2015. For those people who
have given thought about becoming
a life member of the Historical Society,
a special payment schedule is offered
for the remainder of 2014. Any dues
already paid can be applied to a life
membership, and the $350 can be paid
in seven monthly payments of $50.
Contact the office 585-768-7433 if you
wish to participate in this program.
Antique and
Collectible Sale
Saturday, April 12, 10 am,
LeRoy Country Club
Join us for a great lunch. Browse for
some great spring decorative items, or
antiques as well as some fresh floral
plants offered by Lake Street Florist.
Get ready for Easter! Just $3 at the door.
Annual Meeting
Sunday, May 4th, 3 pm
Join us for a short business meet-
ing and meet the Board of Trustees.
And be the first to see the new ex-
hibit,“Let’s Play.” Director, Lynne Bel-
luscio, will present a short program
on the research for the new exhibit.
What toys would the LeRoy chil-
dren have had in 1837 - - What rare
toys have been discovered at LeRoy
House - - - Where were the best plac-
es to play in LeRoy - - -
Board Nominations
Three members of the Board of
Trustees will be leaving in May:
Bruno DeFazio, Sue Doemling, and
Donna Barefoot. During their time
on the Board they have each made
significant contributions. Their ef-
forts will be greatly missed.
The nominating committee pro-
poses the following members to be
voted upon at the annual meeting:
Sam Leadley; Sue MacQuillen; and
Scott Ripley.
NewWebsite and
facebook Page
With the help of Rachel at the
, we now have a new website
up and running. We are still tweaking
it, but you can find us at
and you can click on
the Jell-O Gallery and Gift Shop, or on
the Historical Society page you can
find several years of both my
articles and our newsletter. You
can also download and print the Barn
Quilt Trail Map and the Underground
Railroad Map.
Business Members
The LeRoy Historical Society wants
to thank the following businesses for
their financial support this year. Lo-
cal support is greatly appreciated,
especially since we know that these
businesses are called upon to sup-
port many organizations in LeRoy.
Through their membership dona-
tions, we are able to maintain LeRoy
House and the Jell-O Gallery which
welcomes over 10,000 people a year
to LeRoy and we are able to con-
tinue our education programming
with the school. Remember, if you
need services, please consider doing
business with the following:
Business Members
$500 LeRoy MacDonald’s
$250 Frost Ridge Campgrounds
$250 LP Graphics
$250 Tompkins Bank of Castile
$100 Freed Maxick
$100 M&B Farms
$100 Crockers Ace Hardware
$100 John Cooper – Cooper’s Coin
$100 The Greens of LeRoy
$100 McPherson Orchards
$100 RC Construction
$100 Harris Farms
$100 Lakestreet Florist
$100 Red Osier
$100 Cameron Brady Funeral
$50 Place Optical
$50 Bill Fox Construction
$50 Pizza Land
$50 Bubba’s Landscaping
$50 John Rider Real Estate
$50 Gottogo Electric
$50 Linwood Turf Equipment
$50 Derrick Monument
If you are interested in
joining at a business level,
contact us.
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