LeRoy Historical Society - page 1

Volume XXIV
Number 4
23 East Main Street • Le Roy, New York 14482
The Visitors
The fall tours of LeRoy
House “The Visitors”, held
Friday, October 18 and
Saturday, October 19,were
sold out both nights. I
would like to personally
thank the volunteers who
portrayed our friendly
ghosts: Sid Barefoot and
Sam Leadly greeted visi-
tors in the Land Office in
the year 1822. Shelia Furr
and Sylvia Fraser gossiped
in the 1833 kitchen about
the visit of Jacob LeRoy’s
sister, Caroline and her
husband Daniel Webster. They were
joined by Evan and Jacob Williams,
portraying the two oldest sons of Ja-
cob LeRoy.
Upstairs in the back parlor, Joanne
Graham and Liz Carney were in the
year 1861, talking about InghamUni-
versity. The front parlor was 1911,
The entire ensemble of “The Visitors”.
Brenda Beal (Mrs. Spry) & Cheryll Fernaays
in the kitchen waiting for Amelia Earhart
Sid Barefoot (Egbert Benson) and Sam Leadley in the Land Office
waiting for Jacob LeRoy 1823.
and Jim DeLooze, who portrayed Al-
len Olmsted, talked with Donna Bare-
foot about saving LeRoy House. And
in the 1929 kitchen, Cheryll Fernaays
helped Brenda Beal get ready for the
reception for Amelia Earhart. Crowd
control in the hall was managed by
Barb Elliott, and Anne Frew. From
what we hear, the program was well
received and visitors learned a lot
about LeRoy House history. We have
already had requests to do a repeat
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