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New Items In The
Gift Shop
We have plenty of these Jiggler
kits which includes two big boxes of
strawberry Jell-O as well as alphabet
cutters. Even if you don’t use the cut-
ter, the two boxes of Jell-O are worth
the price. This is a real value at $4.00.
We just received these colorful in-
sulated lunch bags. They have a zip-
per top and a pocket on the side for
a water bottle. They are just the right
size for a sandwich and some cook-
ies and a bag of chips!
How do you like our new T-shirts?
We hope to have themon the shelves
in a couple of weeks.
Board Officers
At the June meeting of the Board of
Trustees, the following officers were
Dan Cote – President
Bruno DeFazio – Vice President
Teresa MacMullen – Treasurer
Joanne Graham – Secretary
The Board Members at large include:
Sue Privitera
Steve Mayer
Shelia Furr
Cheryll Fernaays
Donna Barefoot
Dan Diskin
Sue Doemling
Anne Frew
Bob Collette
A special thank you to Helen Head-
ley, June Dusen and Mike Perry who
have recently completed their second
3-year term on the Board. According
to the By-laws, Board Members are
only able to serve two consecutive
3-year terms and must rotate off the
Board for at least a year, before being
nominated again.
The Historical Society Board of
Trustees is a“working”board that vol-
unteers time and resources to main-
tain the Historical Society, Historic
LeRoy House and the Jell-O Gallery.
They are committed to “bringing his-
tory home.” They meet on the sec-
ond Monday of each month.
Thank You
United Way
We just received the names of the
United Way Donors for 2013 and we
would like to acknowledge their sup-
port this year:
Marcia McKenzie
Mike McKenzie
Tracy Merritt
Margaret Murphy
Teresa O’Sullivan
Joseph Patton
Mike Perry
Michael Riggi
Shelley Stein
Brenda Carson
Shelly Carson
James Carr
Tom Dintruff
Jeffrey Gephart
Michael Graham
Yvonne Kelson
Jean Wood
Barn Quilt Pins – These little beau-
ties are hand painted by Nancy Bre-
slawski of Brockport. They have been
flying out of the gift shop! Come
meet Nancy at the Family Fun Day on
August 17. She will be painting more
of the pins and they will be for sale.
She also paints these designs for cus-
tom orders. A real bargain for $10.
Close Out Sale $22.00
On Sale For $10.00
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