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this period were progressive and me-
thodically chipped away at insulator
design problems. However Lapp Insu-
lator Co. seemed to feast on innova-
tion and the company has a very im-
pressive list of “firsts” in the industry.
Throughout its history, the emphasis
at Lapp was on special porcelains –
things that other companies couldn’t
or wouldn’t tackle. Here was a prob-
lem to be solved ... Lapp solved it.“
Lapp’s innovative technology was
evidenced by their design for a
new fog-type insulator. One of the
problems with the older designs of
vertical insulators was that the pet-
ticoats accumulated dirt beneath
the insulator. In addition, the old
styles had variable profiles that cre-
ated “stressed” areas that triggered
flashovers. These flashovers com-
promised the insulators.
Lapp engineers came up with a
totally innovative design, with hori-
zontal petticoats on the outside that
could be washed clean by the rain.
Even though the future lay in the
fog-style post insulator that Lapp
Insulator had pioneered, it contin-
ued to manufacture the old pin style
single part insulators until 1957.They
discontinued the pin style multipart
insulators shortly after.
Pin style insulators were manufactured until 1957.
Lapp innovative Post insulators.
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