Volume XXIV
Number 1
23 East Main Street • Le Roy, New York 14482
Jan. 1, 20 ___ - Dec. 31, 20 ___
Individual or Sen. Cit.........20.00
Life (Individual)...............350.00
Enclosed is an additional
contribution of:
Please make checks payable to the
“LeRoy Historical Society”
LeRoy Historical Society
23 East Main Street, PO Box 176
Le Roy, NY 14482-0176
January is time to renew your
membership. This year, in addition
to the renewal envelope, the Board
put together a short questionnaire.
We encourage you to fill out the
questionnaire and put your check
in the mail. If you did not receive
your renewal envelope, you can use
the form on this page and mail it
to LeRoy Historical Society, PO Box
176, LeRoy, NY 14482.
The Boardwants to offer some new
activities and benefits to their mem-
bers. In addition to the free passes,
free admission, and discount in the
museum shop, this year there will
be two members-only events. Plans
are well underway for a
History Day”
in early August. Come
to LeRoy House and participate in a
variety of activities and games. Try
your hand at “crokinole” on the new
crokinole board, or register your
land purchase in the land office and
receive a copy of a Triangle Tract
indenture. Play croquet in the gar-
den. Bring your children and grand-
children, or just join in the fun. Have
some lemonade on the back porch
and enjoy some entertainment.
In the fall, Society members will
have the opportunity to preview
Candlelight Tour of LeRoy House.”
Come and meet Jacob and Charlotte
LeRoy – and their cook. Visit with
Samuel Cox’s daughter who lived in
the house while her father served
as the first Chancellor of Ingham
University. Enjoy music in the back
parlor with students from Ingham
University. Talk with Mr. Russell, Prin-
cipal of the LeRoy Academic Institute
and have a cup of tea with Mrs. Spry
in her kitchen. Travel through LeRoy
House and meet the people who
lived there.
Annual Dinner Auction
March 2, A Birthday
Plans are well under way for the
annual dinner auction on Saturday
evening, March 2. The cash bar and
appetizers with auction preview be-
gins at 5:30, followed
by dinner at 6:30. Tick-
ets are $40 per person.
Come celebrate Dr.
Seuss’ birthday (March
2) with a wonderful
menu including “Roast
Beast” and “Poodle’s
Noodles.” It will be an
evening you won’t for-
get! Call 768-7433 for
Mr. Parmelee
A $2,000 grant from the Lower
Hudson Consortium, provided for the
cleaning and restoration of an early
19th century portrait of a man hold-
ing a music book. The work has been
completed by Westlake Conservators
in Skaneateles and the portrait will
be back on exhibit in the Land Office
very soon. The portrait has always
been referred to as “Mr. Parmelee”
and although we cannot verify his
identity, we believe he is Heman Par-
melee born February 4, 1806, died
January 21, 1879, buried in Mach-
pelah Cemetery.
In 1912, Heman’s nephew, H. S. Par-
melee wrote about his uncle playing
the organ at the Presbyterian Church:
“How I loved that organ! I was permit-
ted to have a key to the church. My
uncle, Heman Parmelee was an or-
gan builder by trade, having served
a time with Erbin of New York, a once
famous organ builder. Afterward my
uncle Heman became organist for
some of the large churches in Utica
and Little Falls, N.Y. Uncle was now
living in LeRoy with his daughter and
her husband, William D. Olmsted, on
Church St. Evenings after my father’s
store closed ... I would take my uncle
by the arm and we would walk up to
the church, where all was dark and
quiet ... I would go to the bellows
handle and uncle would ‘just feel of
the organ’ was the way he expressed
it. Soft and low he would improvise
... I would walk home with him, arm
and arm, neither of us uttering a
word, each busy with his thoughts, he
doubtless of the past. I of the future.”
The portrait of Mr. Parmelee was
very, very dirty and because it was
painted on a type of cardboard, it
required very careful restoration.
Mr. Parmelee appears much happier
now. After cleaning, a grey cloud was
discovered in the upper left corner,
which may help identify the artist.
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