East Main Street
Le Roy, New York 14482
Time Capsule
As part of the Town of LeRoy’s Bi-
centennial, a time capsule will be
filled and sealed and deposited at
the Town Hall, with instructions that
it be opened in 50 years.We are look-
ing for items and photographs to
put in the time capsule. That would
include anything that happened this
year - - birthdays, anniversaries, fam-
ily reunions, church programs, or-
ganization programs, sports related
items, - - - anything that would be
fun to “discover” in 50 years. Here is a
partial list of things that are ready to
go into the capsule:
• 2012
issues of the
LeRoy Historical
Society Newsletter
History articles from the
Selected issues of the
Minutes from the Town of LeRoy
Little League schedule
Selected newspaper article
Copy of LeRoy book
LeRoy Presbyterian Church
Bicentennial program
Schedule of History of Art Club
Menus from restaurants
Barn Quilt Trail map
Bicentennial Program
and Programs
School Calendar
Oatka Festival Program & shirt
Bicentennial shirt
Photographs of Main Street
LeRoy Business Council Directory
Masonic Lodge Dedication