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23 East Main Street
Le Roy, New York 14482
We are well into the summer sea-
son at LeRoy House and the Jell-O
Gallery and we have already hosted
visitors from 45 states and over a
dozen foreign countries. It looks like
it will be a very busy summer.
Joining the Jell-O Gallery staff this
summer isEmilyGraham,whoattends
LeRoy High School. She joins Jim De-
looze, Denise Duthe, Ruth Harvie and
Caroline Bolin who share their sto-
ries about Jell-O with the visitors. It’s
hard to believe that it’s been fifteen
years since we first opened the Jell-O
Gallery in 1997. LeRoy House, for the
second summer, is open seven days a
week. This requires a cadre of nearly
30 docents who are willing volunteer
a few hours each week. They are un-
der the coordination of Jo Ferrara.
We have undertaken two major
maintenance projects this summer.
The northeast chimney on LeRoy
House was in very serious condition.
The mortar had disappeared from
between the bricks and at least one
brick had blown off the top and was
found in the driveway. Since this is
the main chimney for the furnace,
we were concerned that the bricks
might fall into the flue and do addi-
tional damage.
It was a very dangerous situation.
Bids were received from several
masons, but after a review we
chose Schallenburg Masonry
from Rochester to complete
the work. They erected scaffold-
ing against the east wall and
removed about ten courses of
brick, which were cleaned and
trimmed and used to rebuild the
chimney. A cement cap and two
new flue tiles were installed. In
addition, they restored the back
steps of LeRoy House which had
deteriorated severely in the last
two years.Unfortunately neither
of these projects were budget-
ed, so the Board has had to iden-
tify $9,200 from reserve funds to pay
for these emergency repairs. Also, we
are facing an update on the smoke
detection system, but may postpone
it until fall when we know more and
gather some quotes. This will have a
major impact on the year-end finan-
cial situation.
From the Desk of the Director
Candi Bower and Irene Walters at the genealogy
table at the June 8th Bicentennial.