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Last year, after it was determined
that theTowndidnot anticipatehold-
ing a Bicentennial event, the Board
of Trustees of the Historical Society
approved a proposal to coordinate a
one-day event on June 8. This includ-
ed raising funds for the event and an
additional $3,500 for fireworks. The
Town contributed $1,000 and agreed
to pay for some of the security peo-
ple for the fireworks and three sum-
mer recreation staff to help with the
19th century games.
In the meantime, the Historical So-
ciety planned an ox roast for 300 peo-
ple. The ox roast replaced the spring
chicken BBQ fund-raiser. In addition,
a grant application was submitted
to the William Pomeroy Foundation
for historic marker on Trigon Park.
Luckily the grant was approved and
$1,300 was awarded.
On June 8, the citizens of LeRoy
gathered in front of the Auditorium
on Trigon Park to witness the re-
creation of the first town meeting.
Before leading the meeting, Supervi-
sor Steven Barbeau, took the oath of
office on the 1795 LeRoy family Bible,
lent to the Historical Society for the
Bicentennial by Newbold LeRoy. A
genealogy table was staffed by Can-
di Bower and Irene Walters.
Over 100 people registered to paint
a square on the Bicentennial barn
quilt and each one received a certifi-
LeRoy Celebrates a Bicentennial
cate. The painted quilt
will be completed
during the Oatka Fes-
tival. At the first town
meeting, the first leg-
islation was to desig-
nate $50 for the poor.
In commemoration of
that, it was decided
to “pass the hat” for
the LeRoy Pantry and
John Doemling col-
lected $718.49 from
the crowd.
The highlight of the
evening was the mu-
sical presentations by
a variety of organizations, including
Holy Family School students,Wolcott
Street School students, an ecumeni-
cal choir, the Chimmers from the Pres-
byterian Church, the GoodKnights
and the KnightenGals from the High
School and the Marching Knights,
followed by a concert by the LeRoy
Town Band. All the music was under
the coordination of Denise Duthe.
Joining Supervisor Barbeau on the
steps of the Auditorium was Con-
gresswoman, Kathy Hochul; State
Senator Mike Ranzenhofer; State As-
semblyman Steve Hawley; County
Supervisor Shelley Stein; Pavilion Su-
pervisor Ted Howard; Stafford Super-
visor Robert Clement; LeRoy Mayor
Greg Rogers: the LeRoy Town Board,
and several former Town Board
members. Each one was chosen to
serve as an honorary Overseerer of
the Highways and several participat-
ed in giving one of the thirteen tra-
ditional toasts. The evening ended
with a wonderful display of fireworks
Supervisor Steve Barbeau and hiswife
Doris, in their 1812 costumes.
Town Crier, John Doemling and the
1795 Herman LeRoy Bible.
The Historic Marker.
Congresswoman Kathy Hochul.
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Steve Barbeau, 2012 Town Supervisor
with Patricia Canfield, Town Clerk.