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“Diana’s Star” – 8028 West Bergen
Road. This striking 8x8 quilt was
painted by Diana Lapp and several
members of her family.
“Sunflower” - 6987 LeRoy-East Betha-
ny Road – Pfaff Farm. Herb and Donna
Pfaff are the third generation to live on
this land. Although the dairy cows were
sold in 1961, the farm still supports hay,
wheat and dry beans. Herb’s grandfa-
ther, Jacob, was the first of the family to
farm the land and his son, Lloyd contin-
ued in his father’s footsteps.Today, Herb
is a self employed electrician.
“Cardinals at the Feeder” - Summit
Street. Sue Privitera chose this pattern
for her house because of all the cardinals
that are attracted to her bird feeder in
the back yard.
“Log Cabin”– 40 Flint Hill Road,Genesee
Country Campground. This pattern was
chosen by Edie Rae, who with her hus-
band Joe operate this campground east
of LeRoy. The campground has many
wooded sites, a nine hole golf course,
and of course cabins.
“Strawberry Circle” - 9187 Bater Road.
The original Duyssen farm was pur-
chased in 1944 by Herbert and Jo-
sephine Duyssen. Their son, Robert
worked the farm with his father for
several years, growing cash crops,
such as dry beans, corn, hay and
wheat. At one time,
the Duyssens had a
small dairy of about
90 head of cattle, un-
til the barn was de-
stroyed by fire in the
early 1960s. Today,
Robert’s son John op-
erates this farm and
and raspberries.
of LeRoy -
The colors
of the quilt
represent :
blue for the
Oatka Creek; grey for the limestone; yellow for lemon Jell-
O; gold and green for wheat and cornfields; black and red
for the LeRoy school.When complete, the quilt will hang on
the side of the Woodward Airport hangar at the LeRoy
Highway Department.
Ingham Rose Quilt,Wilson Ave.
“Plumes”on Magnolia’s Antique Shop.