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The barn quilt project has ex-
ceeded anyone’s expectations. The
numbers continue to grow and it is
conceivable that LeRoy’s barn quilts
will number near 100 by the end of
the year.
No matter where you drive in the
town, you can catch a glimpse of one
of these colorful pieces of rural folk
art. Free maps are available at several
locations, including the Jell-O Gal-
lery, Timberline Campground, Gene-
see Country Campground, the D & R
Depot Restaurant, Crnkovich’s Farm
Market, Magnolia’s Antique Shop
and the Town Hall.
There are 80 quilts listed on the
brochure. Since the brochure was
designed, three other quilts have
been put up. There are also six quilts
that are part of the Bicentennial proj-
ect but are not publicly exhibited.
A commemorative Bicenten-
nial t-shirt with nine of LeRoy’s barn
quilts has been designed.
In the center of the design is Irene
Clockwise, from the top right is:
“County Fair” - 7989 Oatka Trail
“Eastern Star” - 9758 Asbury Road
“LeRoy Trail” - in front of LeRoy
House (colors changed to red &
“Veteran’s Pride”
6195 Sweetland Road
“Stars & Stripes”
(not visible from the road)
“Dash Churn” - Stein Farm 8343 Gully
Road (colors changed)
“Tilted Triangles”
90 East Main Street
“Amelia Earhart” - 92 Asbury Road -
painted by the 4th grade students
at Wolcott Street School
Around the outside edge is a pat-
tern known as“Flying Geese”which is
appropriate for LeRoy.
Barn Quilt Project Update
“Lady of the Lake” 8x8 – Oatka Trail,
McPherson Orchards. Painted by Marny
Frost Cleere, this design was taken from
a family quilt pieced by her great, great,
great grandmother,MaryWillard. A note
with the quilt reads: “Mother Willard
pieced this together in 1867 out of a pink
dress she used to wear.” The barn quilt
hangs on the only remaining barn (circa
1850) on the farm settled by Alexander
McPherson in 1801. The barn was recog-
nized in 2006 by an award from the New
York State Barn Restoration program,
and the field stone foundation was re-
paired and the hand-hewn timbers were
straightened. Today McPherson Orchards which includes cider mill, bakery and
Christmas tree farm is operated by David Frost, 6th generation and his daughter
Marny Cleere, 7th generation.
“Corn and Beans” 8x8 - Buckley Road- Skel-
ton Farm. Bernice and Marvin Skelton have
farmed over 400 acres of land on the Buck-
ley Road for many, many years. They raise
hay, corn, peas and beans. Originally,Marvin
wanted a “Cornucopia” design, but when no
quilt pattern could be found with that name,
Marvin agreed that this popular “Corn and
Beans” pattern reminded him of his farm
fields. This 19th century barn was built by
Nathanial Watson in the 1840s. Watson set-
tled in Stafford on this land in 1816 and lived
here until his death in 1856. A copy of
his diary is in the archives of the LeRoy
Historical Society.
“I’m Lovin It” – McDonald’s drive thru.
Three designs were reviewed by the
employees at McDonald’s and this de-
sign received the highest number of
votes.The only requirement for the de-
signwas that it had to have the“golden
“Maple Leaf” – 8150 Vallance
Road, Timberline Lake Camp-
ground. This design was chosen
because of the maple trees that
grow at the campgrounds. Tim-
berline Lake Campground was
established in 1964. It has 130
sites and a fishing pond, swim-
ming pool, mini putt putt golf
course, camp store and many
amenities and is operated by
Skip and Lillian Norris.