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From the Desk
of the Director
The portraits of Jerusha
and Oliver Allen by Phineas
Staunton have finally been
re-united with their ornate
gilt frames after two years
of restoration. With a grant
of $3,960 from the Greater
Hudson Heritage Network
we were able to have the por-
traits restored in 2010. Then
another grant of $5,390 was
awarded to have the frames
restored in 2011. The frames
were made in New York City
and date to the 1850s. They
are exceptional examples of
Victorian Rococo style and like many
other frames from Staunton’s paint-
ings, were the finest frames available
at that time.
Recently, the Historical Society
purchased a significant portfolio of
sketches by noted LeRoy artist, Frank
Eastman Jones, while he was a stu-
dent at Ingham University in 1878.
A large oil painting of hollyhocks
by Jones has also been offered to
the Historical Society for $1,600. The
amazing part of the story is that the
painting appears in a 19th Century
photograph of Jones’ studio in New
York City. The fund for the purchase
of the painting has been started by
a donation by Loreli Ketter and any-
one interested in adding to the fund
should contact us.
A couple of weeks ago, I spent a
few days with the 2nd grade classes
at the Wolcott Street School, talking
about the history of LeRoy and how
the village grew from a few log cab-
ins to a large village. As a follow-up
to the history lesson, the students
have been writing persuasive letters
about why it is so great to live in Le-
Roy. These letters will be included in
the time capsule for the Bicentennial.
The teachers were interested in hav-
ing the kids participate in the Bicen-
tennial Barn Quilt project and they
all helped paint a 4 x 4 barn quilt. The
“log cabin”pattern had 176 pieces ar-
ranged in 16 log cabins. Each cabin
had a bright orange square in the
center which represents the hearth
fire. The quilt will hang in the hall at
the school.
The new summer exhibit on the
second floor of LeRoy House will fea-
ture the stories and photographs of
the LeRoy barn quilts, as well as some
of the actual quilts that were used for
the design. Make sure you stop by
LeRoy House this summer to see it.
The stuffed giraffe that has been
on exhibit in the “Museum of Curiosi-
ties” in LeRoy House has been moved
to the Jell-O Exhibit and will provide
another great photo opportunity for
visitors. It will be paired with a ban-
ner with the text from the Jell-O ad
that featured a giraffe.
Last fall over 150 daffodils were
planted in thememorial gardenwhich
flanks the arbor. This spring they
emerged and put on a great show
midst the snow and cold weather.
Plans are underway to plant more daf-
fodils next fall in the Gugino Memorial
Garden. Also, a replacement for the
dead dogwood in the Gugino garden
has been made possible by generous
donations from the Gugino family.
Painting by Frank Eastman Jones,
graduate of Ingham University that
will be purchased by the LeRoy His-
torical Society. Jones tragically had to
give up painting when he pierced his
eye with a rose thorn in his garden.
Photograph of Frank Eastman Jone’s studio in NewYork City with the painting of
hollyhocks in lower left corner.