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On behalf of the Commit-
tee of Arrangements, the
LeRoy Town Board, the Le-
Roy Historical Society, the
Town Historian and the citi-
zens of LeRoy, we would like
to take this opportunity to
extend an invitation to join
us for a celebration of the
Town of LeRoy’s Bicenten-
nial to be held at 7:30 pm on
June 8, 2012, on Trigon Park.
Two hundred years ago, the
people of LeRoy were grant-
ed the right to assemble and
to establish a local govern-
ment. There may be no bet-
ter example of the power of
our democracy than what is
witnessed at a town meeting.
President JamesMadisonhad
said, “A pure democracy is a
society consisting of a small
number of citizens, who as-
semble and administer the
government in person.“
At that first meeting on Trigon
Park, there were veterans of
the Revolutionary War, who
only a few years before, had
been engaged in a heroic ef-
fort to secure freedom from
Great Britain. One can only
imagine their emotion as they
and their neighbors gathered
to exercise their right to vote
and to establish a local gov-
ernment. Ironically, all too
soon, when their new homes
would be threatened, they
would be called again to de-
fend their freedom during the
War of 1812.
Perhaps your ancestors
were the pioneers who ar-
rived by ox cart and settled
in log cabins and witnessed
LeRoy’s first meeting. Per-
haps, some of you may trace
your family to immigrants
from foreign countries, who
discovered LeRoy as a com-
munity that offered opportunities
and a better life in the United States.
Perhaps you are some of the recent
settlers who believe that LeRoy is a
community with a unique heritage
and a tenacious commitment to the
future. Whatever your origins, Le-
Roy has become your home, and we
hope you feel welcome to join us for
this Bicentennial celebration.
Come join us on June 8 as we cel-
ebrate two hundred years of Ameri-
can freedom as we once again re-
new our belief in a town we proudly
call, LeRoy.