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The First Town Meeting
On June 8, 1812, the New York
State Legislature split the Town of
Caledonia in two. From the western
section a new town was created and
it was called Bellona, after the Ro-
man Goddess ofWar. Less that a year
later, the State Legislature agreed to
change the name to LeRoy, after a
wealthy New York merchant, Her-
man LeRoy. The first town meeting
was held April 6, 1813. The 2012 Bi-
centennial will be celebrated on the
anniversary date of the legislative
act, passed in Albany that created
the town on June 8, 1812.
An Act to divide the
Town of Caledonia, in the County
of Genesee, into two towns.
Passed June 8, 1812
Be it enacted by the people of the
state of New York represented in sen-
ate and assembly that from and after
the first Monday in March one thou-
sand eight hundred and thirteen all
that part of the town of Caledonia in
the county of Genesee comprehending
the west part of said town beginning
on the south line of said town between
lots no thirty two and forty and cross-
ing thence north on said line to the
north line of lots number twenty five
and thirty three of the forty thousand
acre tract from thence eastwardly on
the south line of town number one
second range to the southeast corner
of lot number one hundred and six-
teen of said town number one thence
north till it intersects the north line of
the said town of Caledonia between
lots number fifty three and fifty four be
and hereby is erected into a separate
town by the name of Bellona and that
the first town meeting be held at the
school house near Stoddard’s Mill.
An Act altering the name of the
Town of Bellona.
Passed April 6, 1813
And be it further enacted. That from
after the tenth day of May next, the
town of Bellona so called by the name
of LeRoy, and all returns, laws, records
and proceedings heretofor made or
had from, to, of or respecting that town,
either by the name of Bellona or Le-
Roy, shall be as valid in laws as it the
said town had been heretofor called or
known by the name of LeRoy.
The following is a transcript of the
minutes of the first town meeting:
Agreeably to notification the in-
habitants of the town of Bellona, con-
vened in annual town meeting on
Tuesday the sixth day of April 1813
at 10 o’clock am at the school house
near Stoddards Mills at which meet-
ing Jeremiah Hascall esquire presid-
ed. The following town officers were
duly elected and the following rules
and regulations adopted.
Voted that themeetingbe adjourned
from the house to the square in
front of the house
Voted that money be raised for the
support of the poor
Voted that fifty dollars be raised for
the above purposes
Voted that Wm. Sheldon be super-
Voted that Thomas Tufts be town
Voted that three assessors be chosen
Voted that David Lebarron,Philo Pear-
son and Ben Ganson be assessors
Voted that Ella Smith be collector
Voted that John Ganson and Asa
Buell be overseers of the poor
Voted Zalmon Turrel, Daniel Biddle-
sum and Harvey Prinelel be com-
missioners of roads
Voted that three constables be chosen
Voted that Ella Smith, George Terry
and Amasa Hascall be constables
Voted that a pound be built
Voted that a committee of three be
appointed to choose a spot for the
above purpose
Voted that Ella Smith, Thomas Olcott
and Levi Hanson be the committee
Voted that the above committee be
empowered to build is at their
own discretion
Voted that thirty dollars be appropri-
ated for the above purpose
Voted that Jeremiah Hascall be
pound master
Voted that the following person be
overseerer of highways
District 1 William Blodget
2 Levi Farnum
3 RichardWait
4 Elias H Parnele
5 James Davis
6 Timothy Judd
7 Stephen Plant
8 Abner Havers
9 Dominic Dejean
10 Daniel Freeman
11 John D Sweetland
12 Jonathan Rich
13 Daniel Carpenter
14 Elisha Prentice
15 Jeremiah Hascall Jr
16 Abner Hull
17 Barney Carpenter
18 John Mcpherson
19 Jabez Deming
20 John Webb
21 Luther Douglas
22 Joseph Lillie
23 Stephen Chipman
24 Henry Lest
25 Mosses Todd
26 Eleazer Rockwell
27 Moses Todd
28 Daniel Harris
Voted that the overseers of highways
be fence viewers
Voted that Rams shall not run at large
from the first of September to the
middle of (October – crossed out)
November under a penalty of five
dollars for each offence
Voted that boars shall not run at
large after being a month old un-
der a penalty of three dollars
Voted that their (sic) shall not be any
bounty on wolves
Voted that a bounty of fifty cents be
paid by the town of Bellona on ev-
ery fox killed in the town
Voted that the supervisor be direct-
ed to levy double the sum on the
town that will fall to the town from
the school fund of this state
Voted that Richard Wait, Levi Farn-
nham and GrahamNewell be com-
missioners of the school fund
Voted that Hunt Johnson, Jonathan
Adams. Graham Newell, Wm Shel-
don, Josiah Pearson and Thomas
Tufts be inspectors of common
Voted that George Tiffany be sealer
of weights and measures
Voted that Roswell Parmelee be seal-
er of leather
Voted that the sealer of weights
and measures be authorized to
purchase a standard for the above
purpose and the supervisor is au-
thorized to assess the same
Voted that fourteen dollars be raised
for the purchase of purchasing
town books
Voted that this meeting be adjourned