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present Town of Pavilion; and about three square
miles of the northwestern part of the present
Town of York. This footprint included the southern
part of the 100,000 Acre Tract; the Craigie Tract;
the southern tip of the Triangle Tract; the south-
western part of the Mill Site Tract of the Phelps and
Gorham Tract; and the western part of the 40,000
Acre Tract.
The western boundary of LeRoy in 1812, was the
eastern Transit Line of the Holland Purchase. This
included a 2 mile “jog” that comprised 5 square
miles. In 1815, the state removed this 5 square mile
section and added it to the Town of Batavia.
Another section of land on the north side of the
town, bordering Bergen, was added to LeRoy.
In 1817, the State created the Town of Coving-
ton. This included part of Linwood, however, in
1823, Linwood and about three square miles of
adjacent land in Covington were combined to be
annexed by the Town of York and Livingston Coun-
ty. This removed the entire southern part of the
Town of LeRoy.
In 1820, the State created the
Town of Stafford, combining part of the Town of
LeRoy with the eastern part of the Town of Batavia.
In 1841, the State created Wyoming County.
The Town of Covington was split between Wyo-
ming County and Genesee County, so that part of
Covington that was situated in Wyoming County
remained as Covington. The other part of Coving-
ton that remained in Genesee County became the
Town of Pavilion. In 1842, the State enlarged Pavil-
ion by adding parts of LeRoy and Stafford.
With these changes, the present boundaries of the
Towns of Pavilion, Stafford and LeRoy were estab-