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town in Genesee County. It would
soon change its name to Caledonia
(and the town of LeRoy would be
taken from it in 1812). The Town of
Leister, later to be named Leicester,
was south of Southampton and ex-
tended to the Pennsylvania border.
The first Southampton townmeet-
ingwas held onMarch 1, 1803, about
a mile and a half east of the present
Village of LeRoy (near the cemetery
on East Main Road) at the home of
Captain Jotham Curtis. Christopher
Laybourn was elected the first Su-
pervisor. He would represent the
early settlers at the county supervi-
sors meeting in Batavia.
Charles Wilbur was the first settler
in what would become LeRoy, arriv-
ing in 1797. Perhaps he was waiting
for the outcome of the negotiations
with the Indians at Big Tree. No one
will ever know, but he built a small
cabin near the present-day golf
course on the east side of town. At
that time, he would be living in the
town of Northampton in Ontario
County on a part of the Phelps and
Gorham Mill Tract. He would have
gone to Canandaigua to register his
land purchase.
Wilbur moved on and his cabin
was sold to Captain John Ganson
and the area became known unof-
ficially as the Ganson Settlement.
Small groups of pioneers settled in
the Fort Hill area and others settled
south of the Ganson Settlement. In
1801, Richard Stoddard, who had
been a member of Joseph Ellicott’s
survey team, came from Canan-
daigua to survey the Triangle Tract
and to serve as its land agent. He
partnered with Ezra Platt to build a
grist mill on the west side of Allen’s
Creek. About 1810, Thomas Tufts ar-
rived to promote the sale of land in
the Craigie Tract.
By 1812, there were enough new
settlers to warrant the establishment
of a new town in Genesee County. So
on June 8, 1812, the State Legislature
voted to divide the Town of Caledo-
nia and create the Town of
(Later to be named LeRoy ) At the
same time, the Legislature approved
the creation of the Towns of Bethany,
Alexander, and Pembroke.
There were a lot of changes tak-
ing place at this time. The original
Genesee County was
being divided. In 1806,
Alleghany County was
carved out of the south-
ern section of Genesee
County and in 1808,
and Niagara County
were created. The state
the creation of numer-
ous towns,and a system
of local government
was in place to insure
the development of the
New York frontier.
When the state legis-
lature created the new
town of Bellona (LeRoy),
it was important to in-
clude the exact location.
The legislation read:
“ . . . all that part of
the Town of Caledonia,
in the County of Gene-
the west part of said
town, beginning on the
south line of said town
between lots number
32 and 40; and running
thence north of said
line to the north line of
lots numbers 25 and 33
of the 40,000 Acre Tract;
from thence easterly on
the south line of town
number one, second
range, to the south-
east corner of lot 116
of said town number
one; thence north until
it intersects the north
line of the said Town
of Caledonia between
lots numbers 53 and 54;
and is hereby erected
into a separate town
by the name of Bellona,
and that the first town
meeting be held at the
school house near Stod-
dard’s Mills.”
At the time it was cre-
ated, the town of Bello-
na (LeRoy) included the
eastern half of the pres-
ent Town of Stafford;
all except the extreme
southern edge of the