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Fort Hill log school locationmarkedwithbouldermonument on Parmelee Road,July
1927 Dwight Pierson.
the school. It would flood about
four acres of land and when in froze,
there was a “winter wonderland” for
skating. In the spring, the school yard
would flood, and Tom remembers
seeing the teacher, in a tall pair of
rubber boots, wading through deep
water to the school.
Like most boys at the time, Tom
wore home-made knickers. And he
remembers the fountain pen that
he carried to school which he filled
with ink from the little ink well in
the desks. The teacher would fill the
ink wells from a large bottle of ink.
When Tom went to high school in
the village, Ernest Handiside drove
the students in his bus. The seats
were along the side. After WorldWar
II Handiside bought a Ford bus with
rows of seats, but when LeRoy cen-
tralized, he wasn’t hired by the dis-
trict to continue the bus service.
Judd Crocker and his brothers at-
tended the Fort Hill School. Judd
remembers in the winter, taking his
sled and riding it down Fort Hill. One
day, on an exceptional sledding day,
he decided to take an extra trip down
the hill and was late to school.
After the school closed in 1949, the
building and land was sold to Harry
Parmelee for $2329.60. He rented
the school to Dorothy (Shepard)
Wait and her husband. They lived in
the one room for about a year. She
remembers having a bed in one cor-
ner and a table and a few chairs. Re-
cently Eleanor Kelsey Mckeon Has-
sett donated the brass school bell
from the Fort Hill school to the His-
torical Society. Her father was asked
to clean out the school after it closed.
Neither Tom nor Francis remember a
hand bell, but they do remember a
cast iron bell in a small cupola on the
Teachers who have taught
Fort Hill School since 1909
Wage per week
Miss Myra Parmelee
Walter C. Parmelee
$12 ½
Miss N. Pearle Lewis
Miss Mary B. MacHale
1916-1920 Miss Mary H.Walton
Miss Kathleen Forsyth
Miss Nellie O. Roth
1920-1922 Miss Marjorie Harding
Miss Susan Arnold
Miss Ava M. Crosby
Miss Susan Arnold
Miss Doris J. Maher
Miss Alice F. Canty
Miss Lillian Knox
Mrs. Ronald E. Hart
(substitute for Miss Knox)
Miss Alice F. Canty
1935-1941 Miss Anne M. Jones
1941-1942 Miss Helen A. Parmelee
1942- ? Mrs. Fuller
Annual Year End
The Historical Society is hold-
ing its annual year-end appeal, to
raise funds for a variety of projects
planned for 2012. It will be necessary
to repair and repoint the back steps
of LeRoy House. The stairs were re-
built in the 1950 when the entire
back wall of the house was replaced.
After sixty years of upstate New York
winters, the freezing and thawing has
created some problems that need
attention. In addition, estimates are
being gathered for repainting the
back porch, which is starting to look
a little shabby. The porch is a shady
vantage point for the garden and
is a particular favorite with our visi-
tors. Also there are plans to enlarge
the plantings around the Academic
Building, to create a more hospi-
table setting for our visitors. If you
can make a contribution to the year
end appeal,mail your check to LeRoy
Historical Society PO box 176, LeRoy,
New York. 14482
Our sincere appreciation to the fol-
lowing people who have made year-
end contributions:
Eveline Aaron, Nancy Aiken, Kermit
Arrington,Marie Baglio, Bruce & Nan-
cy Baker, Bob & Beth Boyce, Susan
Collier, Joyce Cook- Lake Street Flo-
rist,BrunoDifazio,Frank & Barb Elliott,
John Fay, Cheryll Fernaays, Roxy & Jo
Ferrara, Jim Fulmer, Nancy Funder-
burk, Shelia Furr, Gary & Joanne Gra-
ham, Jack Grayson, Marion Hillman,
Judy Jensen, Bill & Sandra Jones, Lo-
relei Ketter, Fred Kibler, Anne Konkol,
Newbold LeRoy, Betsey Leveinson,
Francis Matthews, Jr., Sue McCarthy,
Rex Miller, Lewis & Bev Mowry, Jim
Nielsen, Nancy Norman, Edward Per-
kins, Michael Perry, Dorothy Rooney,
Jack Strobel, Gerald & Joann Tiede,
Bob & Barb Tinney, Joyce Traxler, Lo-
ren & Jan Wetzel.
And special thank to you Peter Nel-
son, whose generous donation has
made it possible to restore the por-
trait of Mr. Parmelee.