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Jell-O quilt.
the Jell-O Gallery at
23 East Main
It is an original design which
has been named “Jell-O Jigglers” be-
cause of the bright Jell-O colors.
The fourth barn quilt in the Whig
Rose pattern was painted by Lynne
Belluscio for the post and beam horse
barn built in 1987 by her husband
Bob, for their Morgan horses and a col-
lection of horse-drawn carriages. The
barn which is located at
8148 North
, was patterned after a 19th Cen-
tury barn located near the county line
on North Road that was razed a few
years ago. The Whig Rose pattern has
an interesting history and is some-
times associated with the Whig Party
of the 19th Century. It closely resem-
bles the Rose of Sharon pattern.
Crnkovich Farm Market at
East Main Road
has installed a
bright 6x6 barn quilt in the“Corn and
Beans” pattern. The farm market is
known locally for their wide selection
of spring annuals and perennials, as
well as fresh produce including sev-
eral varieties of sweet corn, and yel-
low and green beans. In the fall, the
farm store is surrounded with bright
orange pump-
kins and bright
c h r y s a n -
t h e m u m s .
The Farm Mar-
ket also sells
and f reshly
made wreaths
du r i ng t he
holiday season.
The pattern
was painted
by Lynne Bel-
C r o c k e r ’ s
Ace Hardware
has installed
“ R a i l r o a d
Crossing” on
the side of
their storage barn at
8457 North
Street Road
. This pattern was cho-
sen because the Lehigh Valley Rail-
road ran behind the site of their
store. The railroad route was known
as the “Black Diamond” so the design
includes black diamonds, silver grey
rails, and bright “Ace Hardware red.”
AceHardware is a partner in this barn
quilt project, and is the supplier for
the special mixed paint. In 1932,Clar-
ence Crocker, a GLF sales represen-
tative, utilized the Lehigh rail siding
to supply animal feed for local farm-
ers. In 1969, his sons built Crocker’s
Hardware Store on four acres of land
on the corner
of North Street
Route 19 near
the old Lehigh
Railroad sta-
tion. Crocker’s
Ace Hardware
is now owned
by Dan Dis-
kin and Brad
third genera-
tion to man-
age the store.
ic red white
and blue 4x4
star has been
Shelly Leone
and Irene Wal-
ters, the LeRoy
Town Historian. This quilt has been
installed on the 19th Century Eng-
lish barn at
9306 Summit Street.
the early 1900s this barn was moved
down the hill and across the creek
and attached to the cow barn on this
site.The farm has been in theWalter’s
family since 1899. The barn was built
with a swing beam, large enough to
support both the roof and the mow
foors without a post.
Shelly Leone painted a 4x4 quilt
in the “Kings Crown” pattern in
commemoration of her 30th wed-
Belluscio barn at 8148 North Road.
Crnkovich FarmMarket quilt at 8041 East Main Road.
Crocker’s Ace Hardware barn at 8457 North Street Road.