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ding anniversary in 2012. Before
her marriage to Dan Leone, Shelly
sewed a quilt in this pattern for him.
This barn quilt hangs on their shed
9423 Summit Street
Jay Whipple has painted and in-
stalled a patriotic “Bursting Star”
quilt on his 1986 barn at
8171 West
Bergen Road.
This quilt may be the
only two sided barn quilt. Jay has
plans to paint another quilt on the
reverse side and switch the quilt in
the spring.
Several teachers at the Wolcott
Street School have expressed inter-
est in painting 4x4 quilts. The school
quilts will have historical themes that
illustrate LeRoy History, such as “Log
Cabin”; “Ingham Rose”, “Compass,”
“Water Wheel,” and“Amelia Earhart.”
A special “LeRoy Star” with 8 sec-
tions will be ready for the Bicenten-
nial event on June 8. Colors in the
different sections will represent as-
pects of LeRoy History. Dark blue will
represent the Oatka Creek; grey for
the limestone; light blue for Ingham
University; red and black for LeRoy
High School: school bus-yellow for
the Wolcott Street School; white for
the salt; orange for orange Jell-O.
There are several ways to partici-
pate in the barn quilt project.The His-
torical Society is selling two primed
4x8 boards for $150. That includes a
selection of paint colors. The Histori-
cal Society will also help design and
plot the design. Primed 4x4 boards
already primed are $50. The cost of
the boards includes be-
ing listed in the Bicen-
tennial Quilt map next
year and a photograph
and description on the
web site. For additional
information call the
Historical Society 768-
The Historical Soci-
ety is looking for spon-
sors for the quilt proj-
ect. A $200 sponsor
provides the fnancial
help to pay for the ma-
terials for an 8x8 barn
quilt or four 4x4 piec-
es. In turn, the quilts
will be designed and
painted by a variety
of local organizations
or groups of students.
The completed quilts
will be sold to the
highest bidder and the
Walter’s barn at
9306 Summit Street.
Shelly Leone’s design at
9423 Summit
Whipple’s barn at 8171West Bergen Road.
proceeds will be used for the LeRoy
Bicentennial Project for 2012. The
Historical Society will have quilts for
sale at the annual dinner auction this
winter and in the spring at a special
event in the garden.
Marlene McMahon has painted a 4x4 quilt in a “red
barn”pattern for their shed at 9396 South Street.